#22 Paris Women in Machine Learning & Data Science: Emotional Artificial Intelligence, Building an AI team & Women in STEM

📸 Chloé-Agathe Aznecott, Natalie Cernecka, Alice Othmani, Sonia Bahri, Caroline Chavier, Imen El Karoui and Marina Vinyes
🍭 🍹 🍕 Full room at Zenly!

On the 28th of November 2019, Zenly welcomed us near Bastille! The venue was amazing and the atmosphere as warm as usual.

The WiMLDS Paris meetup recently reached more than 3 250 members and it’s making the organizing team extremely happy 🎉

The night was also special because we listened to 3 French — Tunisian woman! What a beautiful wink to women engineers from both countries. The funny thing is that the Paris team did not do it on purpose 💘

The meetup’s introduction was made by our co-founder, Chloé-Agathe Aznecott:

1️⃣ The mission of WiMLDS is to to support and promote women and gender minorities who are practicing, studying or are interested in the fields of machine learning and data science.

2️⃣ Our community members can get free tickets to attend FOR FREE the API Days Paris conference on the 9, 10, 11th of December 2019! Click here if you want to atttend.

3️⃣ Thanks to O'Reilly Media, we organized a 📚 raffle. Indeed, during the shooting of the TV show Le Bureau des Légendes, these books were used on set! O'Reilly Media kindly offered it to us and we naturally gave them away to our community members.

Our members got lucky to get these books for free 📚

🎬 Here is the video of the meetup :

Alice Othmani, Associate professor at Université Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC), opened the night with a talk on “ Artificial Emotional Intelligence: Human Emotions Understanding for Human-Computer Interaction and for the diagnosis of mental states”.

Automated analysis of emotions and affects is an inherently challenging problem with a broad range of applications in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), health informatics, assistive technologies and multimedia retrieval. Understanding human’s specific and basic emotions and reacting accordingly can improve HCI. Besides, giving machines skills to understand human’s emotions when interacting with other humans can help humans with a socio-affective intelligence. In this talk, Alice presented deep neural networks-based approaches to analyse speech and face images to analyse human emotions and mental states.

Slides from Alice Othmani

Imen El Karoui, Head of AI Factory at Kering, took the floor to share with us “ tips and tricks for building and managing a data science team”.

Imen answered many questions she had to face while joining Kering as their new Head of AI Factory : 🤔 How to recruit the right people in your team? How to make sure that your team is diverse enough to tackle the different problems that you are trying to solve? How to create a nice environment to make sure that everyone grows in your team?

Slides from Imen El Karoui

Sonia Bahri, Advisor to the President at the French National Commission for UNESCO presented key figures, insightful thoughts and solutions on “Women and technology : trends, challenges and opportunities”.

Slides from Sonia Bahri

🙌 We had a lot of great discussions at the end of the meetup and want to thank Zenly and our speakers for the energy! The next meetup is scheduled on the 22nd of January 2020 at Scaleway.

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WiMLDS Paris is a community of women interested in Machine Learning & Data Science

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WiMLDS Paris

WiMLDS Paris

WiMLDS Paris is a community of women interested in Machine Learning & Data Science

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