#27 Paris Women in Machine Learning & Data Science: Real-Time Machine Learning & Social AI

On June, 25th 2020, we held our last online meetup of the season 2019–2020!

Chloé-Agathe Azencott moderated the event. Around fifty data science enthusiasts tuned in to listen to two presentations.

🎬 Unfortunately this time we couldn’t record the meetup… You can still have a look at our youtube channel to watch the previous ones!

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📰 Betty Moreschini, who was in charge of our now famous #BBLWiMLDSParis meetups is moving out from Paris and is handing her job over. She wrote an article about her experience ⏬

The first speaker was Minhui Wu. She is Data Scientist in the Forecasting Team at vpTech.

Her talk presented the challenges to face when predicting sales in real time and the solutions she is working on. Interestingly enough, she has several models according to the time they are supposed to predict (one hour, two hours, and so on)!

If you want to know more, check out her slides below…

Or Dr Chloé Azencott’s super thread:

The second speaker was Justine Cassell, Research director at INRIA, currently on leave at Carnegie Mellon University.

Justine argues that if AI systems such as robots and virtual agents are to collaborate with people, then they must know how people collaborate with one another. With her students, she showed how important this is in education for example: an AI aiming at teaching kids maths has much better results if the AI is smiling and humanly interacting with the child.

Chloé made another thread from Justine’s talk — and as you can see from this first tweet, we had some technical problems and we had some mix up 😆

We will be back in September for new wonderful meetups! On September 10th, we will have a joint meetup with AI for Finance and Société Générale. And on September 25th, we will resume to our european joint meetups with the Brussels chapter this time featuring an amazing woman from the European Commission — see you then for more information…

😎 In between, we wish you a nice summer!

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